Ship Agency

Ship agent is to represent the interests of the ship-owner or charterer while the ship is in port by providing assistance or advice required. Ship broking activity may also be handled by ship agents, but the role of the ship broker is to act as an intermediary between the ship-owner/charterer or the buyers and sellers of ships.

Ship Agents has to play different roles that are as follows:

Steamer Agents

To fulfill the requirements of our principals, their ship owners and managers on high priority to provide detailed and continuous monitoring of vessels operations and activities. Through the dedicated and professional staff, we ensure that our client’s vessels enter and exit ports & get the service quickly and efficiently. From pre-arrival to post-departure, our team pay particular attention to accurate and speedy communication when handling overall disbursement control. This also includes relating to Customs, Immigration, port and terminal requirements.

Ship Chandlers

As a ship chandler we will have to supply shipping vessel its required commodities. In other words, just like a grocer supplies food grains to households, we as a ship chandler supplies essentially required commodities to a ship and its crew. We supply the crew's food, ship's maintenance supplies, cleaning compounds, rope, etc. Apart from that we can arrange electrical supplies, medicines, safety equipments like Fire Extinguishers, breathing apparatus, refilling of ship bottles oxygen & all kind of packing materials.

Bunker Supplier

We can arrange quality marine fuels in a short time. We can also supply all type of bunker / fresh water.

Ship Broking

As a shipbroker we act as an intermediary between the two parties to a contract, whether they are Ship owners and Charterers in the chartering market or buyers and sellers in the Sale and Purchase market. We have a team of experienced & skilled brokers having constant updates about the latest market scenarios and thus are capable of advising our clients with right and quick decisions. We have been successful in establishing good relationships with a number of ship owners, operators, traders, co-brokers and charterers and we offer them our highest level of personalized services. As a Ship broker we also decide when a ship or floating/offshore asset reaches the end of its economic or functioning life (20 years and older), the unit is sold for recycling. We arrange the associates who can scrapping the ship as per the health & environment compliance standards distinguished by International standards.

Ship repairing & Spare parts

We can provide quality ship repairing & maintenance with the help of skilled workforce. We offer the most economical ship repair. When a breakdown means a vessel needs a spare part in a hurry, it makes a difference to deal with an organisation with expertise in both shipping and logistics. We have our international contacts and worldwide network with prime suppliers help us source good conditioned machinery and spare parts at the best competitive price for our clients.